Supporting QGIS at an Academic Library
Keith Jenkins
Keith Jenkins
GIS Librarian
Cornell University
What does a GIS Librarian do?
undergrads, grad students, faculty, staff, community
Natural Resources, Soil and Crop Science, Animal Science, Plant Pathology, Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Sociology, Economics, Public Policy, Government, City and Regional Planning, Architecture, Classics, Archaeology, etc.
"find data"
CUGIR = PostGIS + GeoServer + Solr + GeoBlacklight
"access and use data"
QGIS user since 2011
GIS Day 2011
GIS Day 2011
GIS Day 2011
GIS Day 2011
GIS Day 2011
Sept 2013
Sept 2013
Spring 2014
Offered 1st QGIS workshop at Cornell
How we use QGIS
Exploring Data
QGIS starts up fast
Drag-and-drop files
Data source browser
QuickMapServices plugin
QuickMapServices plugin
type 'world' in the coordinates display
Value tool
Delimited text
QGIS tables
Do no harm
toggle "detect field types"
Refactor fields
QGIS respects Excel (.xlsx) data types
Virtual Layers
Editing Data
table joins - you don't have to join every field!
update selected features
Selection tools
Graphical selection tools
Powerful expression editor
VERY! powerful expression editor
Simple (yet powerful!) select-by-form
Copy and paste to new layer
Temporary Scratch layers
Analyzing Data
Processing Toolbox
temporary outputs
won't clutter up your drive
temp layer - make permanent
output to gpkg
Mapping Data
Overlapping features
Typical layer transparency
Feature-by-feature opacity
Blending modes - multiply
Data-defined overrides
Label Expressions
Draw effects...
Drop shadow
qgis2web plugin
QGIS is great!
Contributing back to the QGIS project
Teaching QGIS workshops
QGIS support at our GIS Help Desk
Reporting bugs
Fixing bugs
New releases every 4 months!